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The Delegate Assembly elects Directors to serve a 2 year term beginning immediately upon the close of the Annual Education Conference and Trade Show.

  • In Even-Numbered Years, Regional Directors from even number regions as well as the Directors-at-Large, Asian Pacific Islander and Hispanic are elected.
  • In Odd Numbered Years, Regional Directors from odd numbered regions as well as the Directors-at-Large, African American, American Indian and County are elected.

Regional Directors

Delegates within a region usually prefer to come to agreement regarding a nominee for Regional Director rather than submitting more than one candidate to the full Delegate Assembly for consideration. However, if there is more than one nominee, a regional caucus meeting is held to recommend one nominee to the full body. At that meeting, each candidate is allotted the same amount of time to speak and answer questions and an election by written ballot is held. If there are two or more candidates for Regional Director following the regional caucus meeting, candidates are allowed three minutes to address the Delegates during the Candidates Forum.


Directors-at-Large are elected by electronic ballot by majority vote of the Delegate Assembly members present and voting. Candidate speeches are scheduled for the first day of the Delegate Assembly meeting. Candidates are notified of the time frame and requirements for submitting campaign literature and each candidate is allowed three minutes to speak. Only the candidate may speak and there are no seconding speeches. If no candidate receives a majority vote, a second ballot is required between the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes. The candidate receiving the majority of votes is elected.

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