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Mike Walsh
CSBA President-elect

Mike Walsh is the 2016-17 President-elect of the California School Boards Association.

As President-elect of CSBA, Walsh serves on numerous committees, task forces and councils. He has been a member of CSBA’s Board of Directors serving as Director-at-Large, County since December 2011 and a member of the Executive Committee since December 2015.

Walsh is a board member in the Butte County Office of Education in Oroville and an active member of the California County Boards of Education. Working in education since 1992, he is currently the co-owner and founder of Beacon Services, a management consulting firm that specializes in strategic planning and leadership development. In this capacity, Walsh focuses on improving student achievement through reform in the areas of teaching, learning and assessment. As a leadership facilitator, he also provides career-specific workshops for students to help them discover and develop the leadership skills needed to succeed in high school, college and their chosen profession.

Walsh holds a master’s degree and bachelor’s degree in organizational management, both from Ashford University, and is a graduate of Las Plumas High School in Oroville.