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AdvocacyPublic, legislative and legal advocacy

Purpose of the Policy Platform

CSBA’s Policy Platform provides a broad policy framework for implementing the association’s mission to set the agenda for the public schools and students of California. It guides the association in its policy and political leadership activities, as well as in its partnerships, research efforts, and working with the media and the public, including: 
  • Policy analysis of local, state and national education issues
  • Governmental relations and legislative advocacy
  • Coalitions with other education, local government and children’s organizations
  • Building awareness and support for K-12 public education and local governance

Whenever CSBA’s leadership and staff take action on behalf of the school and county boards in the state, the Policy Platform serves as the foundation for these efforts.

Policy Platform Adoption

At the November 2012 Delegate Assembly, Delegates unanimously approved the Policy Platform Review Committee’s recommendation for a new structure for the Policy Platform. In May 2013, the committee presented to the Delegate Assembly a fully revised platform based on that structure. The committee recommendation also stipulated that: 

  • Delegates will have an opportunity to provide input electronically between June and August (2013).
  • The Committee will review all submissions and bring its recommendations to the Delegate Assembly in December 2013 for final adoption.
  • The Committee will design a platform review process to be implemented in 2015.

Based on input from over 100 delegates in summer 2013, the Committee developed a revised platform. It was presented to and adopted by the Delegate Assembly in December 2013.