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As the only locally elected officials chosen solely to represent the interests of children, school boards have a profound opportunity to influence state and federal education policies by speaking out on behalf of schools and children.

School boards play a critical role in building and maintaining support for our public schools – and in engaging the public in our schools. In terms of legislative advocacy, board members are uniquely qualified to serve as the link between children and state leaders because board members serve the same constituencies as their state legislators. By providing valuable information, insight, and the "truth" about public education, board members gain credibility with legislators and the public, and as a result, become an integral part of the legislative process.

One of the best ways to become more active and make a difference for children is to actively use CSBA’s online advocacy tools or become a Governmental Relations Chair (GRC). The CSBA website features a variety of interactive advocacy tools created to keep local board members well informed about breaking education issues and to encourage board members to use electronic advocacy options as quick and effective tools. Through the Positions on Legislation and Action Alert components of the CSBA website, board members have access to a fully integrated grassroots communications program with easy to use legislative bill tracking, and online special action alert capability for all legislative districts.