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Full and Fair FundingJoin the Movement: Call For Full and Fair Funding of California’s Public Schools

As part of its ongoing work to ensure that all students benefit from the resources needed for a high-quality education, the California School Boards Association is calling on the Legislature to raise school funding to the national average by 2020 and to the average of the top 10 states by 2025.

Despite boasting the sixth largest economy in the world and the highest gross domestic product of any state, California ranks at or near the bottom nationally in nearly every measure of school funding and staffing. Under the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), revenue for K-12 schools has only recently returned to 2007 levels, meaning funding has not substantially increased, on an inflation-adjusted basis, for more than a decade.

In the 1970s, California ranked in the top five nationally in school funding; currently, California is 41st and trails the average of the top 10 states by almost $7,000 in per-pupil funding, depriving students of critical opportunities for academic, social and emotional development and essential preparation for a rapidly changing economy.

In order to meet the growing needs of California’s 6.2 million public school students and address the financial challenges faced by rising costs, CSBA has developed a Full and Fair Funding Resolution for adoption by its nearly 1,000 member school districts and county offices of education. The resolution highlights the threat that underinvestment in schools poses to our communities and calls on the State to meet its responsibilities to today’s students and to California’s future.

How can districts advocate for full and fair funding?

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