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Note: CSBA does not endorse individual candidates for elected office in any local or statewide races. The content of this page is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement for any candidate(s).

November 2018 Election Information

In the California Legislature, all 80 seats in the Assembly and 20 of the 40 seats in the Senate (even-numbered districts) are up for reelection in 2018.

Legislators termed out in 2018:
Assembly: 1 | Senate: 6
Legislators not seeking reelection:
Assembly: 4 | Senate: 0

June 5 primary results and full list of November races

The four candidates below will vie for the offices of Superintendent of Public Instruction and for Governor in the 2018 November general election. Each candidate’s education platform, as published on their respective websites, is briefly summarized below with a link to each candidate’s full platform. Videos of each candidate’s appearance at CSBA’s 2017 Annual Education Conference in San Diego are also included. 

2018 Superintendent of Public Instruction Candidates

Candidates listed in alphabetical order:

Tony Thurmond | State Assemblymember, 15th District | Website | Candidate Statement
Assembly Education Committee member Tony Thurmond, who introduces his 16-point education plan with the phrase, “public schools saved my life,” puts school safety atop his list of priorities, vowing to “invest in commonsense mental health services and gun violence prevention programs for our students and educators.” On school funding, he declares his intent to 1) bring California to the top ten states in per-pupil funding by 2022, and to #1 in the nation by 2026 (and states that he has a plan to do so), 2) appoint a group of business, education, and government leaders to identify strategies for developing new permanent funding streams to improve education funding and 3) work with state lawmakers to change the voter threshold for passing local parcel taxes from two-thirds majority to 55 percent in all districts. He also offers a plan to make for-profit charters schools illegal and increase the transparency and accountability for taxpayer-funded charter schools, requiring public hearings and disclosures of conflicts of interest. He would also conduct a “comprehensive review of the LCFF to ensure that funding is spent as efficiently and effectively as possible” and “ensure all LCFF funding data is available online so the public can see how their tax dollars are being spent.”

Tony Thurmond at AEC (11.30.17):


Marshall Tuck | Schools Improvement Director | Website | Candidate Statement
Former Partnership for Los Angeles Schools CEO and Green Dot Public Schools president Marshall Tuck, a runner up to Tom Torlakson in the 2016 SPI race, restarts his campaign with a five point plan: “Invest in teachers and principals,” “Schools for the 21st Century,” “A system that works for all kids,” “Classrooms that are fully funded” and “SPI & CDE that works for schools.” He proposes free college and credentialing for those who commit to teach for at least five years and increased compensation for educators working in high-needs schools, and touts universal pre-K as a top priority. He advocates the following policy changes related to charter schools in his plan: 1) Making for-profit charter schools illegal, 2) Requiring charter schools to be transparent by following the Brown Act and complying with public records requests, 3) Ensuring there are no harmful conflicts-of-interest at charter schools, and 4) Ensuring that public schools welcome all students.

Marshall Tuck at AEC (12.1.17):

2018 Gubernatorial Candidates

Candidates listed in alphabetical order:

John Cox | Businessman | Website
Cox’s briefly stated policy agenda section of his website does not mention education or public schools. In his "Why I Want to Serve" section, he states that, "There was a time California was the envy of the nation - the best schools, best roads and highways, a financially sound public pension system, good and plentiful jobs, affordable housing, and quality health care. I believe that’s our best hope for putting our state back on the road to financial accountability, to getting government off the backs of the small businesses that create jobs and, and out of the pockets of those who today must often choose between buying groceries or filling their tank to get to work.”

John Cox at AEC (12.2.17):


Gavin Newsom | Lieutenant Governor of California | Website
Newsom, California’s Lt. Governor since 2011, proposes creation of college savings accounts for every incoming kindergartener and would pursue his “California Promise” initiative to guarantee two free years of community college tuition. He proposes support for students in full-service community schools, providing every student access to STEM education and providing pathways to quality jobs by establishing 500,000 earn-and-learn apprenticeships by 2029. He also endeavors to “reassert California as an education data leader” with increased data transparency. He also touts "the promise of universal preschool, equipping all of California’s children with the tools to succeed when they start kindergarten."

Gavin Newsom at AEC (12.2.17):